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We are a group of senior level engineers dedicated to personal growth and improving our skills. If you like to learn and meet other senior level developers, these are the Meetups for you!

Join us at any of our Gorilla Meetup Series events that will be held quarterly:

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Diego García

G is for GraphQL, and G is for great!

We are going to be doing a quick overview of some of the core concepts of GraphQL and we will be using a small app to show how to keep clients synchronized on “real time” using GraphQL subscriptions.


República Casa Cervecera


About Diego García

Diego is a full stack developer with more than 9 years of experience. Most of his experience is on .NET technologies and Javascript. On his free time he enjoys: dogs, football, basketball, pizza, tattoos, drums, family, friends, Thai and Chinese food, concerts, jokes, Twitter, memes and technology.

Esteban Chavarría

Fantastic Fastlane!

We will be introducing fastlane to the iOS community and how easy and great is to work with it to help us automate lots of process like building, delivering the app, managing provisioning profiles what a nightmare! Process that we still doing manually in most cases.


República Casa Cervecera


About Esteban Chavarría

iOS engineer with 6 years of experience who loves to learn and play around with new trends in the iOS ecosystem.

Jean Vicelli

Serverless Framework on AWS

We will learn how to deploy an application without worrying about infrastructure.


República Casa Cervecera


About Jean Vicelli

Systems Engineer with experience on building systems and infrastructures from small to awesome.

Daniel Prado

Smart Contracts with React (how to be the coolest kid on the block)

This is a comprehensive guide on how to build distributed applications (DAPs for short), plus using React for the front-end portion, thus making you the coolest kid on the block! (get it? block? block-chain?... funny right!?).


República Casa Cervecera


About Daniel Prado

I'm a software engineer with over 8 years of experience (of ingesting large amounts of coffee, and turning them into large amounts of code), ranging from server scripting and back-end development to front-end development and some mobile apps.


Join us at República Casa Cervecera for our Gorilla Meetup
Series, 6-10pm. 4 separate talks starting at 6pm,
so show up when you can!
Developer fuel (beer and pizza) to be provided.

Parking available at El Gato, next to República Casa Cervecera.


Across from the National Stadium, San José, Costa Rica

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